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This space was created just for the JoyBirds who want to make everything Magical. Welcome to the Nest! Here you will find the magic in vegan cooking, amazing blends to elevate your recipes and passion to empower your magical lifestyle!

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  • JoyBird Zakiya

    So I couldn't resist having all this goodness in my hands and not trying it out. So I quickly made Mock Chiken Strips using dried bean curd, flour and ONLY Chef Joya's seasoning "Golden Chick" and nothing else. It was amazing. Y'all better get some!

  • JoyBird Morathi

    I was so ecstatic to receive my spices from the dopest vegan chef around Cooking With Joya! Y'all need to go out and cop your own, because you can't use mine!

Lavondé’s Fried Chik’n Featuring Golden Chic

Chef Joya’s Vegan Braised Ribs feat Red House

Birria Tacos Featuring Red House Seasoning